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Matt Leinart Keeps His Heisman Trophy on the Floor of a Closet

Ryan Phillips
2004 Heisman Trophy Award Ceremony
2004 Heisman Trophy Award Ceremony / Chris Trotman/GettyImages

Matt Leinart was a guest on The Pat McAfee Show on Wednesday and made a big reveal that was simply stunning. Via video, he showed McAfee where he keeps his Heisman Trophy in his house. It turns out, the thing is just on the floor of a closet under some clothes. No, really.

Check this out:

How is that possible? Leinart says he's just not the kind of guy to display his Heisman in his house, but on the floor? In a closet? Come on, Matt. You have to at least put it somewhere nice.

Leinart won the Heisman back in 2004 shortly before he led USC to the BCS National Championship over Oklahoma. He was a two-time All-American and one of the most successful quarterbacks in college football history. And his Heisman is on the floor of his closet.