Matt Judon Hates Mac and Cheese

Ryan Phillips
New England Patriots v Philadelphia Eagles
New England Patriots v Philadelphia Eagles / Mitchell Leff/GettyImages

Thanksgiving is this week so that means we're going to get a whole lot of takes on which food is the best on the table during the big meal. It appears New England Patriots stud edge rusher Matt Judon has fired the first shot in the annual Thanksgiving food wars.

On Tuesday, Judon went in on mac and cheese, urging people to keep it off their tables. Judon said, "It's just cheese and noodles, so it's not good. You got to get it off the table (at Thanksgiving). It's disgusting. Get it off the table."

Now that is a take. I'm fully on board with Judon blasting the starchy, texture-less mess that are most incarnations of mac and cheese. That stuff is great when you're a kid, but refine your palates as you age, people.

Judon's anti-mac and cheese stance likely isn't going over well with the unrefined masses but I've got his back on this one.