Matt Harvey Suspended, Mets Deny It Has Anything to Do With Locker Room Sex Toy

Stephen Douglas

Matt Harvey has been suspended 3 days without pay by the New York Mets for a violation of team rules. The Mets have not revealed what Harvey did, but you need to know it has nothing to do with the sex toy that appeared in rookie catcher Kevin Plawecki’s locker on Friday. The Mets official Twitter account tweeted the image and quickly deleted it.

Again, this is a total coincidence. Matt Harvey’s suspension has nothing to do with the dildo in the locker. No one had anything to do with it, but everyone quoted found it kind of funny.

Whatever Harvey did, the Mets are unlikely to discuss it. They just want to put it behind them. Via the New York Daily News:

"“There’s things with this job that certainly are internal that the public can’t see, and how hard it is, and this one’s a tough one,” Collins said. “So we hope to put it behind us and move forward.”"

Well said.