Matt Harvey Spent the Weekend Snuggling With a Celebrity

Stephen Douglas

Matt Harvey needs to stick to sports. Is anyone else sick of seeing the Mets ace spending more time in public with celebrities than in private with coaches? In November the playboy was out on the town after the Mets season ended. Two months later and he doesn’t appear to have gone home yet.

This weekend Harvey was in Los Angeles, millions of miles from CitiField where he’ll be expected to pitchthis spring. Did you notice the weather in the northeast this weekend? It was 60-degrees yesterday. Felt like baseball weather to me. I guess Matt Harvey felt differently.

So what was Harvey doing when he could have been preparing for the season? Hanging out with celebrities at a star-studded event.

Also, he attended at Golden Globes post-party. Did he show up for the actual event? Who knows. He certainly wasn’t honored for any performances from last year.