Matt Gaetz Tweeted Heart Eyes and a Flame Emoji at Tiffany Trump

Stephen Douglas
Matt Gaetz speaking at the 2020 RNC.
Matt Gaetz speaking at the 2020 RNC. / Handout/Getty Images

Tiffany Trump tweeted a picture from inside the White House on Wednesday night. Minutes later, the picture was retweeted by Matt Gaetz, a member of the House of Representatives from Florida. Gaetz, who is single, added four emojis, including a flame, a heart, heart eyes and a thumbs up.

This was certainly a choice. Trump is 27. Gaetz, 38, has a lot on his plate between his political career which he has linked to Donald Trump at every turn. He also supports his "son" Nestor, the brother of his ex-girlfriend who has lived with him since he was 12. That was previously the most random news story involving Gaetz this year.

This one might somehow top it. Gaetz's Twitter bio features a quote from her father saying he's "handsome and going places." Even if they're just friends, this seems like an weird decision for any politician to make on social media, which actually means it makes perfect sense in 2020.