Report: Rep. Matt Gaetz Considering Leaving Congress for NewsMax Job

American Conservative Union Holds Annual Conference In Florida
American Conservative Union Holds Annual Conference In Florida / Joe Raedle/Getty Images

Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-Fla.) has been privately telling those around him he's considering not seeking re-election, leaving Congress early, and taking a job at NewsMax, Axios reports. This may seem like a surprising revelation but once someone realizes most politicians would rather post than govern, it's actually a bit shocking the elected office-to-punditry pipeline isn't pumping out more former lawmakers into opinionist roles.

Gaetz is very driven and knows how to keep his place near the brightest spotlight while speaking to the most receptive audience for his particular politics. There's an extremely compelling argument to make that it's easier to get elected to a higher office from a cable news studio than a Congressional chamber.

Per Axios, this process is in its early stages. It would be pretty wild if Gaetz did in fact go to NewsMax and be pitted against Tucker Carlson for eyeballs and influence. Sounds like the ultimate let-them-fight situation.