Matt Gaetz Compared John Durham to the Washington Generals, Durham Thought He Meant the Commanders

House Judiciary Committee Hears Testimony From Special Counsel John Durham
House Judiciary Committee Hears Testimony From Special Counsel John Durham / Chip Somodevilla/GettyImages

Former Special Counsel John Durham testified before Congress on Wednesday and it did not go well, as both Democrats and Republicans seemed entirely unimpressed with his process or results. California Democrat Adam Schiff had him on the defensive earlier in the afternoon and then when Florida Republican Matt Gaetz questioned Durham he compared him to the Washington Generals. Durham did not immediately get the reference.

Gaetz: "Have you ever heard of the Washington Generals?
Durham: "The Washington Generals? Yes, I have."
Gaetz: "They're the team that basically gets paid to show up and lose, right."
Durham: "Well, I'm sure the players who exert blood, sweat and tears don't view it that way, but you might."
Gaetz: "I think they do because the job of the Waashington Generals is to show up every night and play the Harlem Globetrotters."

At this point Durham realized that Gaetz was talking about the Washington Generals and not the Washington Commanders. Which is a shame. Someone unwittingly being tricked into defending the Commanders in front of the House Judiciary Committee would have been fun to watch. Yeah, they finished last in NFC East last year, but they were 8-8-1 and nearly made the playoffs!

More people would watch these committees if witnesses were blindsided into confusedly defending professional sports teams they were not there to discuss in the first place. Does no one in Congress care about ratings?