Matt Cain Drops Knife Cutting Ham-and-Cheese Sandwich into "Fancy Triangles," Now on DL


Matt Cain, a pitcher on the Giants, suffered a debilitating injury while making a sandwich, and has gone on the disabled list. Via the Chronicle:

"Cain wants it known that he had finished the ham-and-cheese sandwich and grabbed the knife so he could cut it. “I went to cut it, to make it fancy in triangles,” he said. When he dropped the knife he tried to catch it, and now he is on the DL for the second time in his career. The first time, last August, he was struck by a line drive. “One of them was a freak accident and one of them was my own stupidity,” he said."

This is precisely why I never make the peanut butter pinwheels that my children crave. I leave that to mom.

On the scale of tough athletes, do baseball players rate ahead of or behind ping pong players?

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