Matt Bonner Dunked. And Hung on the Rim. During an NBA Game. In 2012. [Video]

Stephen Douglas

What if I told you white men can jump?

Matt Bonner is in his 9th season in the league out of Florida. He has made his career has a sharpshooting back-up big man. Sometimes, when Tim Duncan gets the night off, he starts nationally televised games. Sometimes when the Spurs are destroying a team, he gets to play heavy 4th quarter minutes. Sometimes, when a team is really struggling – and this is very, very rare – he dunks, hangs on the rim and does a fist pump. It is basically the most embarrassing thing that can happen to a team and it happened to the Rockets last night. One Spurs’ blogger even thinks the Rockets deserved to be fined for allowing something like this to happen. I’m inclined to agree.

Unless this is the first sign that the Mayans were right (it quite possibly could be), then I expect work on the 30 for 30 to begin sometime next Spring.