Masters Weather Forecast Looks Like a Soggy Mess

The Masters - Preview Day 3
The Masters - Preview Day 3 / Jamie Squire/GettyImages

The Masters weather forecast is not looking good. While there will be near record-highs for the Par 3 contest on Wednesday and the weather is going to deteriorate as the tournament progresses. The picturesque Augusta fans love to visit and watch on television may just be a big, soggy mess all weekend, which could lead to lots of awkward sitting around the clubhouse for the LIV guys. Here's how each day is looking.

Masters Thursday Forecast

Looks like a muggy day in the mid-80s. Cloudy with a 19% chance of rain.

Masters Friday Forecast

The temperature is going to drop into the 70s. Precipitation will become increasingly likely as the second round progresses and it should rain all afternoon.

Masters Saturday Forecast

Nearly a 100% chance of rain all day. Temperatures plummet into the lower 50s.

Masters Sunday Forecast

The rain will continue through Sunday afternoon, but the temperatures will at least trend towards the upper-50s.

Masters... Monday Forecast?

Should the rain cause any major delays over the weekend, Monday at least looks decent. Mid-60s and partly sunny. Could make for a very nice day of Monday golf if you're into that kind of thing.