Master P's Son Got a $2 Million Endorsement From a Tech Company

Stephen Douglas
Hercy Miller
Hercy Miller / Stephen Maturen/Getty Images

We're just a few days into the Name Image Likeness era and we've already seen a fascinating variety of athletes cashing in. The biggest deal to be announced so far was Master P's son, Hercy Miller, an incoming Tennessee State freshman, who signed an eye-popping $2 million deal with Web Apps America.

Seems weird that a company whose website has little more than a working contact page gave someone two million bucks. Their clients appear to be mostly independent Texas-based businesses and non-profits. There aren't many mentions of the company that don't relate to the Miller news.

A broken link on the Web Apps America website.
A broken link on the Web Apps America website. /

Now, obviously Miller, who won't play many nationally televised games at Tennessee State, is capitalizing off his fame. He has a famous father and getting in the Hercy Miller business is basically getting in the Master P business.

It's definitely an interesting use of NIL. Good luck to all the schools' compliance departments trying to sort out all these deals.