Unbelievable Maskless Idiots Fight at Eagles Game


Many people are stumbling upon this fan fight during yesterday's Ravens-Eagles game in Philadelphia and remarking how it's great to see some normalcy. While that's a great and not-at-all tired bit, the clip may require a bit more consideration, because the brain absolutely melts when trying to understand the escalating levels of stupidity on display here.

No masks on anyone, no thought of maybe not fighting as the slow process of stepping over seats like some tiny BFG, no real adherence to even a dumb person's idea of social distancing, no plan, no direction, no real hope of anything changing. On the bright side, the accuracy on display from this lanky Carson Wentz fan is far superior to any shown from the actual quarterback on the field this season.

It is entirely possible everyone involved here tested negative three times in a row 24 hours apart a la Nick Saban so they could get back to the crucial work of watching NFL football. And it is critical work. Why else would they allow people to congregate in big groups amid a pandemic if it weren't? Imagine our society without this behavior. It'd just feel empty.

Demented or otherwise, I will play into that aforementioned bit with a slight twist. It's always comforting to be reminded that we are in the dumbest possible time amid the dumbest possible actors with the only certainty that things will get dumber.

Guess that's ... something.