Masai Ujiri Witness Tells AP Police Are Not Telling Truth

Ryan Phillips

Masai Ujiri has been accused of shoving and striking an Alameda County sheriff’s deputy during an altercation at Oracle Arena after Game 6 of the NBA Finals. A spokesman for the sheriff’s office issued the following statement about the incident:

“Mr. Ujiri was unknown to the deputy at that time. He [the deputy] asked him for a credential. He shoved the deputy out of the way and walked toward the court. The deputy pushed back. The president came forward more with a more significant push and ended up striking the deputy in the face.”

That sounds pretty bad, but it may not be the final word on the story, as several witnesses have come to the defense of the Toronto Raptors’ general manager.

Greg Wiener, a Golden State Warriors season ticket holder disputes the sheriff’s claim, according to Rob Gillies of the AP:

Meanwhile, this video shows Ujiri holding his credential as he watches the end of the game and heads to the floor to celebrate:

We also have video of Kyle Lowry yanking Ujiri away from the officer:

We’ll keep you updated as to what happens next in this story.