Marvin Jones Replacing Calvin Johnson in Detroit

By Jason McIntyre

Marvin  Jones, who had a nice 3-year run in Cincinnati, has left the Bengals and signed with the Detroit Lions. It sounds like he’s getting $8 million a year.

Jones improved each year in Cincinnati, though it should be noted he was maybe the 3rd or 4th option behind AJ Green, tight end Tyler Eifert and a powerful running game.

Will Jones be able to duplicate last season’s 65-catch, 816-yard season in Detroit?

Matt Stafford has no running game. It may be addressed in the draft with Ezekiel Elliott (if he lasts that long). The tight end problem shouldn’t be one if Eric Ebron gets his act together.

Golden Tate had a fantastic year (90 catches) but here’s my issue: You know how they say if you have two quarterbacks, you don’t have one? What if you have two #2 receivers, do you have a #1? I guess we’ll find out.

It probably won’t take long to find out if Jones is a rising star at the position … or if he was a product of a loaded offense.