Marvin Harrison Destroys Terrell Owens Over the Hall of Fame: "The Hell With Him"


Marvin Harrison was elected to the Pro Football Hall of Fame last month. Terrell Owens was not. Terrell Owens complained about the election process. Marvin Harrison had this to say on Talk of Fame Radio:

“I’m not concerned about, you know, T.O. Not one bit. I was concerned about myself. I wasn’t worried about splitting the vote with anyone. That was it.

“The person who was supposed to get in got in. And that was me. If he didn’t get in, that’s his problem. He can talk all that other bullshit like he’s been doing. That’s on him. But I’m in. My jacket is gold. I will look in the rear view for nobody.

“So he can get his ass in whenever he gets in … if he gets in. If he doesn’t get in too bad. The hell with him.’’

Owens played longer. Harrison had slightly better regular season statistics. (via Pro Football Reference)

Owens had slightly better postseason statistics.

Harrison won a Super Bowl playing with Peyton Manning. Owens lost a Super Bowl playing with Donovan McNabb.

Then there was the off-the-field stuff. Owens was a constant distraction and Harrison… Well, he had his own alleged issues. Harrison is right that he shouldn’t be concerned with Owens, but it is probably a bit unnecessary to voice that lack of concern with such vitriol.