Marvin Bagley Responds to Dame Lillard's Diss Track as NBA Stars Rap Battle Continues

By Jeff Weisinger

The battle between Kings forward Marvin Bagley III and Trail Blazers guard Damian Lillard continues on the mic.

Bagley dropped a response to Lillard’s “MARVINNNNNN???” track on Soundcloud this morning with his track called “Checkmate.”

Bagley made sure to respond in every aspect, including the track photo where Bagley, 20, sons Lillard, 28.

The current beef to start the NBA offseason started Thursday morning as Bagley was on ESPN’s First Take to talk about the NBA Draft amongst other things. One of those things was Bagley’s rap skills.

Max Kellerman mentioned that his two top MC’s in the NBA are Bagley and Lillard, and he asked Bagley who’s the better MC in the league. Bagley went on to claim he was the best MC in the NBA.

Then he was asked if he’d battle Damian Lillard and they exchanged tracks on SoundCloud throughout the day with Bagley releasing the latest this morning.

The battle history to date can be seen here:

Rappers like Joe Budden and other NBA stars alike have already claimed Lillard the winner.