Marty Smith Encouraging a Local Reporter After the LSU-Alabama Game is Great

Kyle Koster

WRBL's Jack Patterson was struggling with his standup in an empty Bryant-Denny Stadium Saturday after the LSU-Alabama game, which isn't really news. The people who do television aren't robots and can't just magically get it right the first time. What is interesting, though, is the cameo made by ESPN's Marty Smith, who happened to be walking by as the Columbus, Georgia-based reporter grinded.

Smith was quick with a supportive word for Patterson, who truly appreciated it.

Perhaps I'm only speaking for myself here, but years and years of The Internet and its algorithm favoring Restore Your Faith in Humanity content has made me more jaded than I'd like to be. But stuff like this -- a small moment that Smith had no idea would go public -- is really, really nice. That a tiny gesture and glint of humanity can mean so much is a powerful realization.

For every person who makes it to ESPN like Smith, there are hundreds, if not thousands, who fall short of reaching that ultimate dream. And yeah, this is sappy, but you really see a fellowship in commonality here because the work is largely the same, just with different-sized audiences.