Marty Smith Has COVID, Is on the Mend

Kyle Koster

Marty Smith posting a picture of something turmeric- and orange juice-related aroused suspicions among some social media sleuths who had their hunches confirmed by Smith a few hours later as the ESPN reporter provided a health update via Twitter. In it, Smith confirmed that he has COVID-19 and has been dealing with the virus for about a week.

"I have all the symptoms that you've read about for months," he said. "A throbbing headache that will not go away. I can't taste. I can't smell. I'm dizzy, I have a lot of congestion. "

Smith's illness will keep him off the sidelines this weekend. He was originally slated to work last night's Louisiana-Appalachian State game.

Smith added that he is, thankfully, feeling better and can currently be heard doing his regular Marty & McGee Saturday morning show. He also thanked everyone, including his boss and agent for the support, which is the move of a pro's pro.