Martín Maldonado Traded to Cubs, Willson Contreras Hurt? [UPDATES]

Ryan Glasspiegel

Martin Maldonado has been traded from the Royals to the Cubs, Ken Rosenthal reports:

This at first blush feels like a little bit of an odd fit as Maldonado is a catcher, and the Cubs are covered at that position with Willson Contreras, and at backup Victor Carratini has exceeded expectations. Perhaps this means that Contreras’s foot injury, which has caused him to miss the last two games, could be serious.

Maldonado has a .647 OPS and 1.1 WAR this season thus far. It will be interesting to see what the Royals got in return for him.

UPDATE: The Royals got back pitcher Mike Montgomery:

UPDATE II: Contreras is heading to IL: