VIDEO: Marshawn Lynch Cursed on SportsCenter With Scott Van Pelt

Brian Giuffra
Marshawn Lynch.
Marshawn Lynch. /

The Marshawn Lynch experience was in in full effect on SportsCenter Monday night, with the former Pro Bowl running back dishing with Scott Van Pelt about what he's up to and what the future holds for him.

While the big headline was about Lynch's agent speaking with the Seahawks about another return to the playing field, I couldn't get over the fact that Lynch was dropping s-bombs and having an entire portion of his segment bleeped out while talking to SVP on SC.

Looking relaxed as ever in what appears to be the passenger seat of an SUV, Lynch discussed his charitable work handing out face masks in the Oakland community, at which point his sailor's mouth got the better of him, and a possible return to the NFL, at which point his sailor's mouth got the better of him again.

"Sh--, I'm living good, so I ain't really tripping too much."

Could there be a more Marshawn Lynch quote ever? If you're looking to skip ahead and find it, that comes at 4:45 when he's talking about a possible return to the NFL and how he really doesn't care whether he comes back or not.

In the end, Beast Mode said he's been trying to watch what he says on the show and he hopes editors are there to clean up the curse words. SVP gave him carte blanche to say what he wanted (Actual quote: "You can say whatever the hell you want") and Lynch dropped a few more curse words at the end.

He's just hoping he doesn't get fined.