Marshawn Lynch's Pregame Superstition Involved Drinking 80 Proof Alcohol

Brian Giuffra
Marshawn Lynch.
Marshawn Lynch. / Otto Greule Jr/Getty Images

Marshawn Lynch and Peyton Manning on TV together are The Odd Couple only funnier. In the premiere episode (it's really part of season two of Peyton's Places but go with me here), you've got the straight-laced Manning counterbalanced by the free-wheeling Lynch telling stories about their pregame superstitions. Playing up to their personas, Manning says he liked to read game programs before games while Lynch need a shot (or more) of Hennessy.

First of all, Lynch chuckling when Manning says he read programs pregame is low key the best part of this video. The second best part is his reaction to Manning wondering if he was taking shots of Gatorade pregame and not liquor.

Honestly, seeing these two together makes me yearn for a show featuring them. Like The Odd Couple, they are such polar opposites it works perfectly.