Marshawn Lynch to Guest Star on Season Premiere of 'Bar Rescue'

William Pitts
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Wild Card Round - Seattle Seahawks v Philadelphia Eagles / Steven Ryan/Getty Images

Haven't had enough of Marshawn Lynch yet? Turns out he won't be disappearing from the TV set once the NFL playoffs are finished.

Lynch will make a guest appearance on the Paramount Network series Bar Rescue, as host Jon Taffer visits his Emeryville, CA restaurant Rob Bens in the episode premiering March 1st.

For those who haven't seen Bar Rescue, it's a show along the lines of Kitchen Nightmares or Hotel Hell, only with bars instead of, you know, restaurants or hotels. Each episode, host Jon Taffer goes to an under-performing bar to "rescue" it, usually with positive results.

This raises the question of whether Lynch's restaurant was in need of rescuing, but maybe we'll need to watch the episode to find out.