Marshall Henderson Gave a Double Middle Finger to the Kansas City Crowd After Someone Called

By Jason McIntyre

Marshall Henderson, the mouthy Mississippi chucker who fans love to hate, saw his college career* end with a whimper. Despite leading by five with four minutes left, the Rebels lost to La Salle, 76-74 on a layup with 2.5 seconds left.

The worst part about the ending was that Mississippi coach Andy Kennedy had a timeout to use, but didn’t call one. Henderson, who was on the bench for defensive purposes, didn’t even get a chance to take the final shot.

While walking off the floor, he gave the Kansas City crowd a double middle finger salute.

[UPDATEVia Danny Parkins of 610 Sports Radio in Kansas City, here’s audio of Henderson saying someone called his sister a whore:

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Henderson’s NCAA tournament was pretty much you might expect: High volume of shots, low percentage.

vs. Wisconsin: 6-for-21 FG, 3-for-12 three-pointers, 19 points, four rebounds, three turnovers, one assist
vs. La Salle: 8-for-21 FG, 4-for-15 three-pointers, 21 points, four turnovers, three rebounds, three assists

* Henderson is only a junior, but I’m assuming his career is over because he’s said a couple times in the last few weeks he’s sick and tire of playing for free. Henderson turns 23 in September, and I’d be stunned if he didn’t enter the NBA draft.