NASA's Perseverance Rover Tweeted Pictures From Mars

NASA Perseverance Rover Landing Day
NASA Perseverance Rover Landing Day / Handout/Getty Images

NASA's Perseverance rover successfully landed on Mars Thursday afternoon, completing the 292.5 million-mile, seven-month journey with a safe touch-down on the surface. This obviously made everyone at the space agency really happy:

It's worth noting that's the reaction all of San Diego had when Fernando Tatis Jr. agreed to his contract extension Wednesday evening.

Perseverance has its own Twitter account that has been active since February of 2020, and it announced the safe landing:

What's even cooler is that, like fellow Martian rover Curiosity, Perseverance will be documenting its journey with pictures. After landing, the account immediately tweeted pictures of the surface of the planet, specifically the Jezero Crater:

I'm a bit of a space nerd, so I love this stuff.

Perseverance -- which is nicknamed "Percy" --is about the size of a car and has 19 cameras and two microphones on it. Its mission is to examine habitability and look for signs of past life, and test oxygen levels in the Martian atmosphere. It will essentially be seeing if the planet is or ever was capable of sustaining life. It also has a badass helicopter attached to it because it's cool as hell. And also important science reasons, but it's definitely cool as hell.

Godspeed, Perseverance.