Relive the Mars Blackmon Nike Commercials Featuring Spike Lee and Michael Jordan

Ryan Phillips
Spike Lee as Mars Blackmon
Spike Lee as Mars Blackmon /

Episode 5 of The Last Dance detailed the journey that led Michael Jordan to Nike and the development of Air Jordans. In there, was a great section about the classic Mars Blackmon commercials featuring Spike Lee, Michael Jordan and the classic line, "It's gotta be the shoes." The commercials were classics of the late 80s and 90s.

We've compiled some of them below for your viewing pleasure:

Ah that was a nice jaunt down memory lane. Those commercials are often credited with helping to make Air Jordans so popular.

Mars Blackmon was a character from Lee's 1986 movie She's Gotta Have It. He was a Knicks fan who loved Air Jordans, so the commercial idea was a great one.