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Willians Astudillo Scoring the Game-Winning Run From Second is the MLB Highlight of the Season

Stephen Douglas
Washington Nationals v Miami Marlins
Washington Nationals v Miami Marlins / Michael Reaves/GettyImages

The Miami Marlins staged a thrilling 10th inning comeback on Wednesday night that ended with Willians Astudillo scoring from second. A major leaguer scoring from second on a ball hit into the outfield doesn't sound that impressive, but when it's "La Tortuga," it's appointment viewing.

It's beautiful. And the celebration had everything. Sunflower seeds, powder, a football helmet. The Marlins might not win often but they know how to celebrate when they do. My only criticism is that teammates keep trying to pull out Astudillo's ponytail. Yeah, you want to see that head of hair in all its glory, but let the man do it on his own terms.

Here's hoping the Marlins start using him as the designated runner whenever they go to the 10th. Just in case.