Marlins Man Isn't in Houston for the World Series

Ryan Phillips
Marlins Man
Marlins Man / Patrick Smith/Getty Images

The World Series opened tonight in Houston as the Astros welcomed the Washington Nationals to town for Game 1. While the crowd has been crazy early in the game, there's one noticeable absence behind home plate. Marlins Man is not in attendance.

A ton of Twitter users claimed they weren't able to find the man or his trademark orange jersey in the crowd. There's a good reason for that: he's not there.

Darren Rovell chimed in with the confirmation:

Yes, the man in the orange jersey apparently might miss this stretch of the World Series because he's dealing with an injury. He hopped on Twitter to explain:

In his comments a ton of followers offered to drive him up to Washington D.C. so he could be in attendance for Games 3, 4 and 5 (if needed). He has yet to respond.