Marlins and Brewers Get Into Twitter Battle Over Christian Yelich


Christian Yelich is making a strong push to defend his MVP title, hitting more than 20 homers in just less than a quarter of a season. His hot hitting has been the talk of the town, and it continued on Thursday, as Yelich mashed his 23rd home run of the year. The Brewers saw this as a chance to take some shots across the bow at the Marlins, reminding them what they gave up when they sent Yelich to Milwaukee for prospects last year.

The Marlins’ social team didn’t appreciate that shade, and reminded the Brewers that they should probably get off their high horse after losing to Miami by 16 runs a mere two days ago. It’s worth mentioning the Marlins have the worst offense in baseball by a country mile. It’s also worth mentioning they traded away Yelich, an MVP-caliber player in his prime, to cut costs. A tough look for both sides.

Watching Yelich’s campaign to destroy all baseballs is a treat, but watching the Marlins play any sort of baseball is not. The Brewers can keep that in their back pocket, at least. These MLB Twitter accounts have been spicy as of late, too. We look forward to the next edition of an internet catfight between two billion-dollar franchises.