Markelle Fultz's Shooting Form Is Getting More Bizarre

By Henry McKenna

You know that scene in a movie when someone says, “At least it can’t get any worse,” and then it starts raining?

That has been the story of Markelle Fultz’s career when it comes to his free throw shot.

The Philadelphia 76ers guard and former No. 1 overall pick cannot get his shot corrected. In his rookie season, he dealt with a shoulder injury, and thus the thought was that his strange shot would improve with time (because he looked like a natural shooter entering the draft). But alas, Fultz’s shot has gotten more bizarre by the day.

Here’s a look at his latest attempt on Friday night. It’s a hot-potato approach.

This is a divergence from what he did just a few days earlier, which is no less strange and feels like a Jermaine O’Neal throwback effort.

And here’s what it looked like last season.

To Fultz’s credit, he has improved from 2017 to 2018, even if he didn’t have to do much to improve. In 2017, he shot 41 percent from the line. In 2018, he is shooting 43 percent on free throws.

It’s weird but, somehow, more efficient. To get to the league average, however, Fultz is probably in need of an overhaul.

Then again, maybe underhanded is next?