Mark Zuckerberg Went Beast Mode in His First Jiu-Jitsu Match


Mark Zuckerberg's story arc has bent in an unexpected direction over the last few years as the Meta CEO has taken up surfing, jiu jitsu and some other things that might make you think, "hey actually this guy is sort of cool," a classic and relatable thing someone in their late thirties might do.

Zuck's first jiu jitsu fight was over the weekend at a California high school and he came out ready to go with a flurry of moves based loosely on the original Facebook poke. He captured a win and brought great honor to the Guerrilla Jiu Jitsu team.

The video is actually fairly impressive. Tough scene for the other guy. Imagine getting the business from Zuckerberg. His friends will never let him live it down.

Is there any way we could get a Social Network 2 with a jacked Jesse Eisenberg kicking ass scored by Trent Reznor? If so, I will personally notify Oscars voters so they can skip the whole ordeal and give it to the project before it wraps up production.