Iowa Sports Anchor Hates New Role As a Weather Reporter

Ryan Phillips

Mark Woodley just wants to come back inside. With below freezing temperatures and blizzard conditions hitting Iowa, the KWWL sports reporter was deputized to do on-scene weather reporting on Thursday. He was not happy.

News 7 in Waterloo, Iowa decided to send Woodley into the streets before the sun came up to ask him mind-numbing questions like, "How are you feeling out there?" A compilation of his responses went viral on Thursday and we can all laugh at his suffering.

Enjoy this and be happy if you're inside right now.

Some choice quotes:
Ryan Witry: "Mark, how are you feeling out there?
Woodley: "Again, the same way I felt about eight minutes ago when you asked me that same question."

Woodley: "I didn't even realize there was the 3:30 also in the morning until today."

Woodley: "I'll tell you what Ryan, I've got good news and I've got bad news. The good news is I can still feel my face right now. The bad news is I kind of wish I couldn't."

Just absolute TV gold as a new Internet star was born. Woodley is a hero. Someone please by that man a beer and a Costco-sized box of hand warmers.