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Mark Teixeira: MLB Needs to Finish the World Series by Thanksgiving or I'm Watching Football

Mark Teixeira
Canon PIXMA Perfect Day With Mark Teixeira And Little League World Series | Neilson Barnard/Getty Images

Mark Teixeira appeared on Golic and Wingo this morning. When the subject of a delayed Major League Baseball season came up, Teixeria was brutally honest about baseball's chances going against football if the season dragged into the winter as Scott Boras suggested. Basically, if given a choice, Teixeira and everyone else will choose football.

This is kind of the same question the NBA is wrestling with internally. Should they move their season so that they aren't overshadowed by football? Under normal circumstances, baseball would have summer all to itself, but with the season being postponed, they're going to have to make some difficult decisions. If Teixeira is right and they need to be done by Thanksgiving, that's only three or four weeks delay. Today was supposed to be Opening Day. The clock is ticking.