Mark Schlereth: LSU Shouldn't Let Odell Beckham Around Program If He Acts Like a Moron

Ryan Glasspiegel

Odell Beckham Jr.'s behavior during and after LSU national championship victory has been such a topic of conversation that commandeering the band's megaphone and having to be chided into giving it back was a distant third place for attention behind handing players wads of $100 bills and incurring an arrest warrant for slapping a cop on the butt.

Mark Schlereth, speaking on FS1's Speak for Yourself, opined that the LSU program should tell Beckham Jr. that he is not welcomed around the program if he is going to act like a moron:

Regarding the cash, the NCAA rules are obviously unjust, but Beckham should've known better than to hand the players wads of bills in front of thousands of cameras. That is money handshake 101 right there. And when you compound that with slapping the cop, you have to wonder what in the world he was thinking that night.

Schlereth is being pretty reasonable here. He easily could've gone with the angle that LSU should just use this as an opportunity to issue a blanket ban to Beckham here and now, but talking to him and trying to reason with him to behave like an adult is a fair solution.