Mark Schlereth Drops Kung Fu Panda Wisdom During Jaguars-Giants

Liam McKeone
New York Giants v Jacksonville Jaguars
New York Giants v Jacksonville Jaguars / Mike Carlson/GettyImages

The Jacksonville Jaguars took on the New York Giants at TIAA Bank Field on Sunday afternoon. It was a fairly entertaining game, which is an accomplishment in of itself considering where these teams were this time last year. Both have come a long way in the realm of competent football, even if they remain a long way from good football.

After a broadcasting snafu that led to silence on the call for the first two snaps of the game, Chris Myers and Mark Schlereth settled in for Fox. During the second quarter, Schlereth dropped a tidbit of Kung Fu Panda wisdom that will not go unappreciated on this website.

Hell yeah. I love those movies and hearing that line on an NFL broadcast was a tremendous moment for me and the dozens like me. Perfect. No notes. Great job, Mark.

For his next act, I'd like to hear a detailed explanation of how the Wuxi Finger Hold is the final obstacle Daniel Jones must overcome in his effort to become the Dragon Warrior (Giants franchise QB).