Max Scherzer Refuses to Let Fan Throw Out First Pitch Before Mets Lose to Mariners

Max Scherzer (not a velociraptor)
Max Scherzer (not a velociraptor) / Elsa/GettyImages

The New York Mets hosted the Seattle Mariners on Friday night at CitiField. Seattle outscored the home team, 2-1, and Mets starter Max Scherzer earned no decision after allowing one run in seven innings. He also rushed out to the mound before the first inning, took the mound to get in some extra warmup tosses and refused to leave the mound to allow a fan to throw out the ceremonial first pitch.

I'm sure there are plenty of people out there in love with this performative hardo stuff where Scherzer is in such a zone in game 34 of 162 that he blocks out every possible distraction. Even if that "distraction" is something that happens before every single Major League Baseball game every single day.

Who knows who this fan was, but he was probably very excited about throwing out the first pitch. It's obviously nothing for a big leaguer like Scherzer, but for a regular person, this was an incredibly unique opportunity.