Mark Sanchez Can Relate to America's Teenagers

Kyle Koster
Mitchell Leff/GettyImages

The Los Angeles Rams are currently destroying the Atlanta Falcons and there's little intrigue remaining outside of gambling-related endeavors. One way to keep butts in the seats for next few hours, though, is for Mark Sanchez to pull up a chair, turn it around, and rap at America's teenagers. Because he has now established himself as the rare broadcaster who truly understands the issues they face on an everyday basis.

Like purging one's search history on the family computer.

Pre-meditated? Sure. Appreciated? Also, sure. No matter how old one gets, the specific terror of your parents discovering just what brand of weird exploratory behavior you got up to after school before they got home from work never goes away. Not all scars heal.

So chin up, youths. We've all been there. I'd like to say things get better but that particular problem remains because if my kids were to find out how I spend my free time online, even as a 38-year-old, there'd be precious little eye contact going forward.