Mark Sanchez Calls Himself an Idiot After Mixing Up Tim Wakefield and Chuck Knoblauch During Giants-Seahawks

New York Giants v Seattle Seahawks
New York Giants v Seattle Seahawks / Steph Chambers/GettyImages

Mark Sanchez's budding career as an NFL broadcaster continued on Sunday as he presided over the Seattle Seahawks-New York Giants game alongside Kevin Kugler. In the first half, Seahawks kicker Jason Myers hit a 35-yarder through the uprights, but it got tipped so the ball wobbled aggressively on its way there.

Sanchez, sensing the moment was right for an elite metaphor, called it a "Chuck Knoblauch knuckeball."

Keen listeners took note of the call and were confused as Knoblauch was not a knuckleball pitcher. In fact, he was not a pitcher at all!

To his credit, Sanchez did not let himself off the hook as many color commentators would have. Later on, he jokingly called himself an idiot while on-air and said he meant to say Tim Wakefield. Who was definitely a knuckleballer.

There's a lot rattling around upstairs in the minds of broadcasters during a game and it is understandable Sanchez tripped up while reaching for a baseball metaphor after an unusual occurrence on the field.

But let nobody say Mark Sanchez cannot laugh at himself!