Mark Messier Is Absolutely On Fire Picking NHL Playoff Series

Dave Kotinsky/GettyImages

Twelve NHL Playoff series are in the books and three remain before one team has the pleasure of hoisting the best trophy in all of sports. Some of that action has played out on ESPN, which has leveraged its new rights into really compelling content churned out by some of the sport's top minds. Chief among them is Hall of Famer Mark Messier, who simply cannot miss when it comes to predicting who will advance.

To this point, he is a perfect 12-0. And anyone who knows about the randomness of postseason hockey and the hot goalie can tell you just how difficult seeing the future can be.

If one had gotten the idea to follow Messier's pick at the beginning of the playoffs, they'd be rolling in money Scrooge McDuck style. A 12-leg rolling parlay with $100 at stake would now have yielded over $102,000. Of course, it would take a very lucky individual to wake up one day with the knowledge that Messier was about to unlock the wonders of the universe, but that's how you take down the book. Until it takes you back.

The pressure is now on Messier to get three more series correct and post a 15-0 record, which is the stuff of legends.