Mark Loretta Fan Takes Mound During Giants - Mets Game, Gets Tackled by Very Casual Security Guards

Padres fan takes the mound.
Padres fan takes the mound. / Thearon W. Henderson/Getty Images

The New York Mets and San Francisco Giants played a game that lasted nearly three and a half hours on Monday night. Late in the action, a fan wearing a Padres jersey took the field. He jogged over towards the Mets dugout, narrowly avoiding security guards, who do not appear to have their hearts in the pursuit.

The dude, who appears to be wearing a Mark Loretta jersey, then takes the mound as security and walls begin to close in. The fan starts his windup with a high leg kick, but then spins towards second. The umpire did not appear to call a balk, but an opposing manager probably would have had something to say.

Rather than run to the outfield where security might have just let him go, he tries to split the defense and gets tackled. And that's how the second Mark Loretta era in San Diego would end.