Mark Ingram Hilariously Addressed the Infamous Derrick Henry Coin Toss Picture

Stephen Douglas

Mark Ingram was on radio row in Miami on Wednesday. He stopped by the CBS Sports HQ table to talk some football and was asked about the famous picture of Derrick Henry dwarfing him during the coin toss at the National Championship game four years ago. Ingram did not mince words.

"Whoever took that screenshot of the TV [...] come see me. I got some business with you."

That should be the battle cry of anyone who appears on television and then becomes a meme.

It's also good that Ingram was able to make his case. As he notes, Henry is super tall and had the benefit of cleats, pads and a helmet. Then there's the perspective trick as Henry got to stand closer to the camera. Ingram rightly describes the whole thing as a set up. The rest of the NFL might just consider the image accurate.