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Mark Davis Looks Cool As Hell, Find a New Angle

Kyle Koster
Ethan Miller/GettyImages

This isn't the reason Las Vegas Raiders owner Mark Davis is in the news but anytime he makes headlines there is renewed interest in his general vibe. His unique hairstyle is usually the headliner — as it should be because its a sight to behold. People are funny and they are also mean so there's no shortage of detractors out there firing jokes over the classic look.

But you know what? Today I came to the realization that Davis' style has grown on my over the years. When I was young and vibrant with my whole life ahead of me, understanding how someone would choose this setting permanently didn't make a ton of sense. With age, wisdom, a growing laziness and resistance to change, I'm beginning to understand. He found himself a style he enjoyed and has stuck with it through thick and thin. That sound you hear is the sizzle of strange new respect flowering in aging beds everywhere.

Would that we could all have the courage to care this little. Inspiring really. One hopes there is hope for the Everyman to attain it without the help of generational wealth. Because that surely helps a great deal.

Through this more understanding lens, Davis actually looks pretty cool. It makes me wonder if I'm fumbled the opportunity to wear a jumpsuit and a backpack and affect the casual confidence of a kid waiting in school lobby for a ride home.

Guy looks great and one day hopefully you'll all get to realize his vibe is one of goals, not jokes.