The Timing of Mark Dantonio's Resignation is Questionable at Best

Stephen Douglas
Mark Dantonio
Mark Dantonio / Emilee Chinn/Getty Images

Mark Dantonio stepped down from his post as Michigan State Spartans head football coach on Tuesday afternoon. It was a surprise move considering the timing (tomorrow is signing day) and circumstances. Not to mention, as many are pointing out, it is screwing Michigan State.

By resigning in February, more than a month after the Spartans' season ended, he has left the school in a nearly impossible situation trying to find a quality replacement. Not to mention the move comes two weeks after he qualified for a $4.3 million retention bonus.

Finally, the news comes on the same day that details emerged about a lawsuit against Dantonio alleging NCAA violations. Dantonio's lawyers call the case a "sham."

Dantonio amassed a 114-57 record in 13 seasons at Michigan State. He went 6-5 in bowl games.