Mark Curry Interviewed About L.A. Gas Prices While Pumping Gas

By Stephen Douglas
May 11, 2021, 9:57 AM EDT
Mark Curry was interviewed about gas prices on KTLA.

KTLA ran a story on soaring Los Angeles gas prices on Monday, with reporter Lauren Lyster reporting on-location at a local gas station. Lyster spoke with someone from the Auto Club of Southern California, as well as two drivers. One of those drivers was Mark Curry. What this viral tweet suggests is that they might not have known that.

They of course did know it was Mark Curry, which is evident by the fact that they put his name on the chryon. He is identified at different times as "driver" and "Valley Village motorist," but both times his name appears on screen. The other guy who was interviewed while filling up was unidentified.

In conclusion, KTLA did realize they were hanging with Mr. Cooper.