Mark Cuban Says He Paid For Twitter Blue and It Doesn't Do Anything

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Things at Twitter continue to, uh, progress. It was recently announced that the legacy verified blue checkmarks are going away on April 1st. Then on April 15th, in an attempt to fight the "AI bot swarms," Twitter would make it so only people and companies paying for a checkmark would be featured in the For You view, which everyone already hates. On top of that, there was a report yesterday that there were 35 VIP users whose accounts were given "increased visibility." People like Adrian Wojnarowski, LeBron James and catturd2.

One person who isn't on that list is Mark Cuban, who says he's losing hundreds of followers a day. In order to turn things around, Cuban says he has bought a blue checkmark.

This is hilarious. Elon Musk has successfully procured $8 from Mark Cuban. And all he got in return was an actual famous person with millions of followers and a history in tech saying that the blue checks don't actually do anything. Combine this with the new shame feature which will allow paying users to hide the fact that they are giving Twitter $8 a month and it kind of makes you wonder if this plan is actually as brilliant as you've been told it is.

But hey, at least there's a chance the next time Mark Cuban has a problem with officials he's got 2,800 characters to work with.