Mark Cuban Says Dan Snyder Needs to 'Accept the Mistakes' He Made

Liam McKeone
Mark Cuban
Mark Cuban / Michael Reaves/Getty Images

The Washington Post story on the Washington football franchise has owner Dan Snyder under heavy, justified criticism for the culture he let fester under his watch. The situation has parallels to the criticism Mark Cuban faced two years ago, when Sports Illustrated published a story on the toxic culture within the Dallas Mavericks that included allegations of sexual harassment.

Cuban knows better than anyone the position Snyder currently finds himself in. The two were never accused of anything individually, but they're responsible for letting it happen within their organizations. On his radio show, Cuban discussed the Washington story and gave some pretty simple advice to Snyder and the higher-ups at the franchise: Own your mistakes.

Transcription via ESPN:

""If you know Dan Snyder, if you're involved with the Redskins, if you connect to them, tell Dan and tell his senior management you've got to just recognize what you did right and what you did wrong," Cuban said. "You have to accept the mistakes you made. That's painful. I made a lot of mistakes. And that's the only way this is going to get resolved.""

That would certainly be a good start. Snyder apologized internally and externally the day after the Post published their story, so he appears to be on the right track. But there is a lot more that must be done to ensure what those 15 women experienced never happens again inside Snyder's building. Acknowledging the missteps made is the necessary first part of fixing the problem, but not anywhere near the final.

Cuban appears to have learned from his past errors. We'll see if Snyder can do the same.