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Mario Cristobal Repeatedly Tells Doug Gottlieb 'Go Ducks' In Response to USC Questions

Stephen Douglas
Mario Cristobal
Mario Cristobal / Abbie Parr/Getty Images

Mario Cristobal, the head football coach at Oregon, went on Doug Gottlieb's radio show today and Gottlieb asked Cristobal about his name coming up as a potential candidate for the now vacant USC job. Cristobal said, "Go Ducks," in response. Gottlieb then pressed, asking if there was any chance he would have a conversation with USC about the job. Cristobal against stated, "Go Ducks."

"I'm not sure why you brought me on this interview. I was under the impression that we were talking about the Oregon Ducks, and whatnot. Since we go this route I'll reinforce it agian, Go Ducks. And, so, here I am buddy."

While Cristobal is probably on the list of people USC would like to talk to about the job, there's really nothing that points to USC being a more desirable job for Cristobal than Oregon. He's 2-0 this season. He's got a 12-win season, a Rose Bowl and the last two conference titles under his belt. He played and spent some time coaching at Miami and also spent a few years coaching at Alabama, so those are the kind of places where he would have one of those connections that would pull him away from Nike's backyard. USC is just a program he's beaten twice the last couple years.

And if Cristobal was going to have that conversation, why would he tell anyone? That's insane.