Mariners Pitcher Hector Santiago Becomes First Player to Be Ejected For Foreign Substances

Hector Santiago
Hector Santiago / Quinn Harris/Getty Images

We have our first official mid-game foreign substance violation, folks. Seattle Mariners pitcher Hector Santiago was on the mound against the Chicago White Sox when umpires asked to check his person for "sticky stuff" as it has become colloquially known. What they found apparently merited an ejection.

Here's the video.

We've seen Max Scherzer and Sergio Ramos get all sorts of upset at the umpires for getting checked, but this is the first ejection we've seen. And if it ends up being legitimate, then there's no one to blame other than Santiago. Nobody can get away with using this stuff anymore. To try and sneak it past the umps right now, when suspicion is at the absolute highest, is just dumb.

We'll see what happens. If Santiago is found to have been using a foreign substance, he'll be suspended for 10 games and the Mariners cannot bring up a player to replace him on the roster.