Mariners Fan Lands Brutal Sucker Punch In a Fight at T-Mobile Park

Mariners fans fight at T-Mobile Park
Mariners fans fight at T-Mobile Park /

The Seattle Mariners are having a decent season and managed to improve their record to 52-46 with a 4-3 win over the Oakland A's Friday night. Apparently, that wasn't enough to keep one Mariners fan happy. He decided to get into a fight in which he landed several big punches Friday night.

We're not sure what started this bout, but the Mariners fan squared off with a guy in colorful purple sweater. He landed one huge sucker punch with his right hand that should have knocked his opponent out. But purple sweater has a chin of solid granite, and he stepped up for more, and ate another right for good measure.

Here's video:

There was obviously some talking that preceded this incident, and while purple sweater clearly thinks he came out looking good here by waving goodbye at the end, but come on man.

Unlike our other stadium fight this week, only two guys got involved and neither was topless.