Abraham Toro Collected One of the Luckiest Singles You'll Ever See

Kyle Koster
Seattle Mariners v Oakland Athletics
Seattle Mariners v Oakland Athletics / Lachlan Cunningham/Getty Images

Don't look now but the Seattle Mariners are the feel-good story in baseball right now as they've exceeded expectations to post a 68-58 record to this point and remain very much alive in the American League Wild Card chase. They gained yet another game on the suddenly vulnerable Oakland A's last night by virtue of a 5-3 victory, which included three hits from Abraham Toro.

One of those was especially ridiculous. Presented with a 3-2 breaking ball in the dirt from Andrew Chafin, Toro tried to check his swing. Nine-hundred and ninety-nine times out of 1,000, being fooled like this results in a strikeout. This time, however, the ball bounced directly into Toro's bat and caromed down the third-base line for a perfect swinging bunt.

There have been more impressive cricket-inspired hits. And luckier check-swing singles. But rarely are the two combined with such aplomb.

Good things happen when a hitter puts the ball in play, even if it took an act of god and angles to make it happen. As with all cheapies, it looks like a line drive in the box score.