Maria Taylor Is a Big Fan of Magic City's Wings

Maria Taylor joins Jalen Rose on "Jalen & Jacoby"
Maria Taylor joins Jalen Rose on "Jalen & Jacoby" /

Maria Taylor joined Jalen & Jacoby on Friday and let the world know Magic City's wings are properly rated as some of the best in the world.

Taylor, who is one of ESPN's most versatile talents, joined Jalen Rose and was asked if she had ever had Magic City's famous wings. "Absolutely" she claimed, and proceeded to give a strong endorsement to the lemon pepper wings. She said Magic City should be your first stop if you head to Atlanta -- once you get your vaccine, of course.

Rose was loving it.

Check out the segment below:

That was great.

For those who don't know, Magic City is a famous strip club in Atlanta that also serves food and is a hot spot for NBA players. Their wings are the most famous item on the menu. Those lemon pepper wings found their way into the headlines over the summer when Lou Williams stopped by to get some when he was supposed to be quarantining to re-enter the NBA's Orlando bubble.

Now that the Los Angeles Clippers traded Williams to the Atlanta Hawks, everyone is bringing up that story again, since he'll be able to grab wings whenever he wants.

It seems like Taylor and Rose believe Williams' detour was worth it.